Lessons From Parables

Lessons From Parables

Credits on conceptual elements to Dr. Heather and Eric Crews from Courthouse Road Church in North Chesterfield; Ann Williams and Ruth Philingane from Petersburg SDA. Inspiration from the Bible and book Christ’s Object Lessons by Ellen G. White.

Join us on a Journey through Scripture exploring the great Parables taught by Christ Jesus.


07 – Elder John – Sermon/Parable Persistent Widow” based on Luke 18:6-7

14 – Pr. Jesse – “Broken–The Parable of the Workers analog to Jonah and Communion” Matt.20;26:27–28;Jonah 1–4

21 – Elder Joseph – Sermon/Parable “Hidden Treasure” based on Matt. 13:44

26 – Session 1 – Pr. Shawn Boonstra, Pr. Jesse, Dr. Shoemaker, Elders “A Pale Horse Rides–Rome is Burning”

27 – Session 2 – Pr. Shawn Boonstra, Pr. Jesse, Dr. Shoemaker, Elders “A Pale Horse Rides–Barbarian Fire”

28 – Session 3 – Pr. Jesse “How Plato Missed The Mark”

28 – Session 4 – Pr. Shawn Boonstra, Pr. Jesse, Dr. Shoemaker, Elders “A Pale Horse Rides–An Underground Movement”


04 – Elder Ken – Sermon/Parable “First the Blade, Then the Ear” based on Mark 4:26,29

04 – Afternoon/Evening– Special Bible Study “A Pale Horse Rides” Dr. Shoemaker/Pr. Jesse

11 – Pr. Rick Jordan/Pr. Jesse, Baptism

18 – Brother Jason – Sermon/Parable “The Pearl” based on Matt. 13:45,46

25 – Pr. Jesse – Sermon


01 – Agape – Dr. Rollin Shoemaker, Elders

02 – Dr. Rollin Shoemaker – Sermon/Parables “Lost Sheep, Coin & the Prodigal Son”

03 – Bible Study Class – Prs. Jesse/Rollin

09 – Pr. Jesse – Sermon/Parable “Tares” based on Matt. 13:24-30, 37-43

16 – Elder Joseph – Sermon/Parable “Like a Grain of Mustard Seed” based on Matt. 13:31, 32; Mark 4:30-32; Luke 13:18,19

23 – Pr. Jesse – (Devotional) Christmas Sabbath Program (Mrs. Selena Rice leads in Worship Program)

30 – Elder John – Sermon/Parable The Sower and the Seed” based on Matt. 13:1-9,18-23; Mark 4:1-20; Luke 8:4-15

31 – Sunday New Year’s Vespers



*06 – Dr. Jean Cadet – Sermon/Parable “Good Samaritan” based on Luke 10:25-37

*13 – Elder Joseph – Sermon/Parable “Ten Servants” based on Luke 19

20 – Elder Ken – Sermon/Parable “Like Unto Leaven” based on Matt. 13:33; Luke 13:20, 21

27 – Pr. Jesse – Sermon/Parable The Talents” based on Matt. 25:14-30

*Weather/Snow Permitting

Women’s Ministry First Responders Breakfast

Women’s Ministry First Responders Breakfast

The women’s ministry department of the church, hosted a first responders breakfast today. To thank the police, fire, EMTs, and all of the brave men and women who serve our community.

more to come.

A Pale Horse Rides

A Pale Horse Rides

FREE Seminar Coming Live to Petersburg, Virginia
Begins Thursday, October 26, 2017 7:00PM

Christianity is at a crossroads. People are leaving the church at alarming rates—and some even believe that this is the end of the church in our nation. Across the country, people have an uneasy feeling that something is wrong with organized religion today. Are their fears justified? Did something go wrong at the dawn of Christianity? Yes, and the Bible predicted that it would happen. Join us for A Pale Horse Rides to hear the untold stories from the 1,200 years that paved the way for Martin Luther’s Reformation. Watch as biblical prophecy unfolds at the birth of the church and today, and discover the history that may be the best chance for the Church’s future.

Your Speakers

Shawn Boonstra is the speaker for the Voice of Prophecy media ministry. His clear grasp of Scripture and keen understanding of current events will give you peace of mind in a troubled world, and his warm, dynamic presentations will inspire you. Shawn has shared the gospel on six continents to hundreds of thousands of individuals over the last two decades. Pastor Boonstra will be presenting his portion of each session by video.


Jesse Nascimento is a lead pastor with Potomac Conference, serving the Petersburg-RBCC district. He loves to share a Bible narrative of great joy and hope, which tells the story of a Savior who is Christ the Lord. He holds degrees in Communications, Theology, and has doctoral training. Pastor Jesse will be presenting his portion after each session by leading a Bible study.

Rollin LaVerne Shoemaker D.Min, STM is a preacher, writer and scholar on Biblical languages. He advises doctoral students and has conducted insightful and thoughtful studies of scripture on several parts of the world. Dr. Shoemaker will be presenting his portion at the end of the series by leading a special Bible study.