Finding Jesus in Revelation Part 1

Pastor Jesse began the series by explaining the 4 ways Revelation is viewed; as history of the past (preterist), a history of the early church to the second coming (historicist), a view of the future (futurist), and a book with personal meaning for each of us (symbolic or idealist).  The SDA church follows the historical view but for this series we are going to let the Bible interpret Revelation by using the Old Testament as the keys to unlock the symbolism found.

Pastor Jesse also covered the first 4 keys: read the text in its literary context, reading the scripture around the verse may change or focus the meaning; understand the historical context, the time in which the passages were written may lead to a better understanding; examine key words, looking at the meaning of the original language may open up new insight; compare with the rest of scripture, using the rest of the Bible to find similarities may help you understand the writer’s intent or point of view.

Next week we will cover 3 additional keys to use when reading Revelation.  These will be presented by Jason Meyer.

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